Ghostie's Page...

Hi I'm Ghostie, a lovely Maine coon x! 

My name is Ghostie because I was born silvery white and my nickname is Tsunami! Wondering why this is? Well... my mummy says that I'm really fast like a Tsunami.

I might look like a cat but I'm really NOT because I'm a chihuahua Hehehehe!

I like to sleep with my mummy, run up and down the stairs, carry paintbrushes in my mouth (like a doggy!) and go outside for walks.

If there is two things that I love the most, it would be....?

My mummy and Dreamies! 

Meow... Keep an eye out for my post's !Meow meeow meoow By Ghostie xx


  1. Plz post more about Ghostie

  2. More posts please


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