African Grey Parrot Care

After keeping African Grey Parrots for more than 8 years, learning so much about them on the way and breeding them successfully, I have decided to create a page on the care they require...

I am going to start with the basic requirements... 
  • Diet - Fresh food and water daily
  • Extra calcium in the diet
  • Attention
  • Toys to keep them entertained
  • Birdy baths!
  • Suitable size cage
  • Socializing
  • And finally Love!!!
Do you want to create a special bond with your parrot! 
Well first you need to know the Do's and Do not's

  • Have your pet vet checked
  • Allow the bird time to adjust in a quiet place
  • Handle with love and include other family members!
  • Offer fresh fruit and veggies as well as seeds
  • Have a play/ perch area (plus a cage)
  • Clean food and water dishes daily
  • Praise your bird and encourage good behaviour
  • Scream or hit your parrot
  • Leave in cage all the time
  • Smoke around your bird
  • Encourage bad behaviour


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