Saturday, 10 May 2014

Little Lilly...

On Thursday 8th May 2014, I rescued a little beagle puppy who is now called Lilly and she was going to be put to sleep as she has a fractured bone in her back leg!

I know you all must be wondering why the previous owners did not consider the option to bandage the leg and cage rest her for 4 weeks, this is because they were puppy breeders who wanted to make money and make it quick and did not want to take the responsibility of her.


Well, how did she fracture the bone in the first place??? We may never really know how it happened but she could have been dropped or stepped on.

Feeling sorry for this puppy, my heart melted I had to take her on! I'm sure you would too if you were in my place, right?

"Would you leave her with these people, who knows what they would have done to her?"

 When she first arrived into my home...she was scared and trembling in fear but...soon she accepted all the love that was poured on her and that her life has taken a turn for the better. A few hours later she was waggin' her tail like a normal puppy!

"Saving just one puppy won't change the world but it will change the world for that one puppy."

Please help! I know you CAN because you have a BIG heart like me! There is a puppy out there for everyone...waiting.........and!!!

If this story has touched your HEART then Please share Lilly's story and keep an eye out for her posts,
Thanks Sharmin xx

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